Introducing Kel Photo Art

Introducing all things new.  New website, new brand and a new look!  After over a year of closing Kelli Emery Photography, I am so happy to say that I am back and embracing a much needed fresh start.  I closed my photography business in 2016 to focus on family and reevaluate my direction and intentions in life and my business.  I experienced a complete transformation in deliberate living and discovered an incredible journey in minimalism and finding the calm in life.  Before I delve into all things new I would like to talk about where I have been that led me here.

Kelli Emery Photography specialized in newborn studio photography.  I also promoted studio maternity, children and custom cake smash sessions.  And while I LOVED doing these sessions and the clients I was able to work with, I felt overwhelmed and a lack of originality in what I was doing.  Props were taking over my home, I was spending more than I was making and I found it increasingly difficult to maintain a clear vision for myself.  One thing that remained constant through my years of studio work, was my passion and true love for candid and genuine moments.


When studying the work of my peers and mentors my heart has always drawn me to real and raw moments of subjects.  When I would capture these moments for my own clients they became my most personally valued work.  However, due to my marketed client and style of studio work, it was not the desired work for my clients.  Studio work that I was creating was about conception of a scene for a fine art result.  These images were beautiful, but they did not speak to me like raw emotion and interaction my clients have on-location and in real home environments.  I want to create images that make my clients smile, laugh and cry.  It is about preserving a memory, a feeling or seeing your life from a new perspective.  It is about learning to appreciate the little things and using photography as a vehicle to transport you there.  

Through documentary family photography not only can you capture a moment, but you can also see a moment for the first time.  You notice things about your children, your life and yourself that you did not see before.  The power in that is so intriguing and amazing to me.  During my closure I decided to dive full speed into this type of work with my own Year in the Life project.  Everyday I capture moments from my own life with my children in order to grow as an artist and learn to see everyday things in new ways.  What I have gained from this experience so far has been tremendous.  This project has not only given me direction, calm and appreciation for my own life and business, it has also brought me back to life from a place that was cluttered, overwhelmed and burnt out.  Please see to see the Year in the Life Project.


Since my closure I also purged my studio equipment and props.  Additionally I sold, donated and got rid 70% of my personal possessions.  I realized how much I LOVE negative space.  I also realized how much I like to focus on a feeling or interesting compositions over a created scene or prop.  I used to try and deliver what I thought a client wanted.  Retouched, imperfection-free images that were deemed worthy of a huge canvas print.  When in fact, I prefer timeless prints and raw images that reflect reality and the beauty of everyday life.  The way a mother looks at her child, the way a husband looks at a wife, love, pain and joy.  These are the things that make us unique, special and unfiltered in our experiences.  When a client trusts me enough to let themselves go completely, I have taken the most beautiful images I could have ever imaged.  They are so special because no other image will ever exist like the one created in their purest of moments caught on camera.

Aside from family documentary work I have also decided to embrace lifestyle and wedding photography.  Lifestyle photography allows me to manipulate my subjects and their environment just enough to enhance the moment being captured.  This style is wonderful for maternity, family and children sessions.  Weddings are becoming a new focus for me as I navigate how to capture a celebration of true love!  The challenges and excitement that come from a timeline and scene unique to each couple is fascinating to me and I cannot wait to see where the journey takes me.  Exploring these sessions and offering them to my clients is a great way for me to use my way of seeing in order to capture a special event or moment in a client’s life.  Capturing personality, emotion and interaction is how I approach any project or session and I love being able to share that with my clients and be apart of their experiences.


From a styledshoot by @Plansimplybycj & @amandabynumphoto Venue: @carriagehousetucson Florals: @alexisflorals Cake: @ambrosiacakestucson Tux: Top Hat Formal Invitation: @mamajonez Gown: from @jbridalboutique by @tara_keely Bridesmaids gowns from J Bridal Tucson HAMU: Macarons: @woopsmaingate #Jetaimeshoot #plannedsimplybycj #tucsonstyledshoot #tucsonweddingplanner

From a styledshoot by @Plansimplybycj & @amandabynumphoto
Venue: @carriagehousetucson
Florals: @alexisflorals
Cake: @ambrosiacakestucson
Tux: Top Hat Formal
Invitation: @mamajonez
Gown: from @jbridalboutique by @tara_keely
Bridesmaids gowns from J Bridal Tucson
Macarons: @woopsmaingate
#Jetaimeshoot #plannedsimplybycj #tucsonstyledshoot #tucsonweddingplanner

Kel Photo Art is perfect for any client wishing to capture funny and/or emotion in experiences from the everyday life to the once-in-a-lifetime life event.  The creative or professional seeking the not-so-corporate headshot.  A client wishing to capture moments unposed or feel unposed to reveal a more genuine and candid side of themselves.  For someone that sees photography as a legacy or a refection of beauty found in the small things.  Stolen moments, small gestures and things that can simply never be recreated. 

It is always an honor to be apart of someone else’s journey and thank you so much for taking the time to read a little about mine.




In Bloom

In the spirit of spring and with all things new and thriving here is my first blog post.  In January of this year I made the very tough decision to come back home to Tucson, Arizona.  Life in New Jersey had taken a toll on me and I desperately needed to come back and feel the comforts of the place I had grown to love so much.  I have felt myself come back to life over these last months of being back.  I thought it would be appropriate to share some images from my personal project Year in the Life. 

Please visit to see more of my project.  :)  Thank you!